Daily Makeup For Every Occasion

Daily Makeup For Every Occasion

You love to wear makeup every day, but it can be time-consuming and complicated sometimes. We want to make it easier for you, so here is daily makeup for every occasion:

Daily Makeup – Office Makeup

Dressing for work is not an easy task. After all day of meetings, targets and deadlines you still want to look fresh and classy. Of course, makeup could really help you with that.  Makeup is your best friend at work. It hides those dark circles, stress marks and fatigue on your face. Important steps in the morning for a fresh look during the workday:

  • Cleanse and moisturize your face because it keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day and retains its elasticity for longer duration;
  • Apply a concealer if you have some issues as we mentioned above;
  • Apply foundation to get a perfect finish and natural look;
  • Highlight your eyes, but use soft brown shades. Define your eyes with eyeliner if you want to, and finish with mascara;
  • Cheekbones should not be ignored in office makeup. Use neutral-colored blush to keep it natural and bright;
  • Add color to your lips. Choose a matte lipstick because lasts longer (you don’t have time to think about lipstick at the office, we know). Lipstick color is up to you, but our suggestion is to avoid bright or loud colors.

It’s important to find a proper business outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. The clothes you wear to work are a way to convey your professionalism and show that you belong in your work environment. The white shirt is always a good idea, combined with classic pants or a pencil skirt. Colors should be black, white and nudes.

Daily Makeup For Every Occasion
Photo by: liffewithjazz.com

Coffee or Lunch No Makeup Look

We all know that achieving the no-makeup look is actually harder than it sounds. A natural makeup look is all about glowing, natural skin. Choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone and type. You can use bb cream or mix your daily cream with foundation – it’s up to you. In case you have issues like blemishes or dark circles use a hydrating concealer. 

Apply a warm eyeshadow shade to your crease, then swipe a neutral shade across the lower lid and blend. After that apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Don’t forget your eyebrows! Your eyebrows frame your face and are quite a significant feature. Fill them with a brow product of your choice.

Finish the look with lipstick that complements this natural look.

If you are a fan of colorful lipsticks, then accentuate your lips with a bright color, and in that case use just mascara and/or thin eyeliner on eyelids.

The outfit should be casual and complimentary with your makeup. Skirt or dress and sneakers, or jeans and high heels, it’s up to you.

Jeans and high heels
Photo: wheretoget.comDress and sneakers

Daily Makeup – Casual Makeup For Everyday Occasions

In this pandemic, many people are remote working, so there is no need for heavy makeup. But even when you just going to the local store, walk, or (if you are lucky) travel, you still wanna be pretty, right? (You are pretty without makeup too, but you know what we mean.)

Masks have quickly become essential daily accessories, but when it comes to makeup, they pose a few problems. First problem is lipstick – what’s the point of lacquering your lips when no one can see them? Second problem is foundation and bronzer transferred to mask.

Our suggestion is to wear a lighter makeup that strategically covers or emphasizes certain features, like your eyes. Much foundation will end up streaked and smudged. Instead, try oil-free formula foundation, or combination of primer and concealer to cover imperfections around the forehead and eyes, skipping the points that rub against the mask. Choose the concealer in exact tone like your skin to avoid unnatural look.

Makeup with mask
Photo by: stylesaphirre.com

Accentuate your eyes using eyeliner, eyeshadows and mascara – you can have fun with your makeup. Instead of lipstick you can use lip balm.

And the last important thing is to keep your skin clean to avoid maskne (mask-related acne).

What’s your favorite daily makeup look?

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