Highlighter on the eyelid and face

Everything You Need To Know About Highlighters

If someone asks me what’s my favorite make up product, my answer is – highlighter! Why? Because it is a magical tool to achieve a fresh-dewy-young looking skin. Not just that. This product has the power to highlight (who would say ?) some points on your face and to draw attention away from imperfections.

Let’s see, what is everything you need to know about highlighters?

There are three main formula categories: cream, powder and liquid highlighter. No one type is better than another, but powders typically have to stay on for the longest, which makes them perfect for oily skin types. If you have dry skin, you’ll probably achieve the dewiest appearance with a cream or liquid highlighter. Any of these can be blended with liquid or cream foundation or moisturizer to give it a luminescent quality.

Where & How to apply your highlighter

Highlighters should be placed on the high points of your face, as well as places that you want to emphasize. I recommend highlighting the tip of your nose, just above the cheeks, on the bone and your cupid’s bow. Dab a touch of cream, powder or liquid highlighter on each spot and then blend, blend and blend some more with your fingers or a fluffy brush.

If you want a really glowy look, put a pump of liquid highlighter in with your foundation. But now that you know how you apply your highlighter, it’s important to choose the best kind for your skin tone and type.

When it comes to brushes and tools, so much of it is down to personal preference. I like little brushes because I have more control over where I am putting the highlighter. Fingers are always a good tool for softening the edges of a highlighter you’ve applied to make it look more natural.

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Make up for a runaway (New York Fashion Week)

Which is the best highlighter for your skin?

  • Oily skin – Generally, powder highlighters are best for oily skin; however, if you prep your skin properly you can get away with using your favorite liquid or cream highlighter. Avoid anywhere that you have large pores since shimmer powders will enhance any imperfections. However, the use of a pore minimizing primer will aid in reducing the size of your pores so you may get ways with wearing highlighter in those areas. Avoid areas where you tend to get oily, like the T-zone.


  • Combination skin – Same rules as for oily skin.


  • Dry skin Because powder and creamy highlighters can make your skin look cakey and emphasize its natural texture, liquid highlighters are the best way to make your glow pop. Using your fingertips to blend out a liquid product will help give your glow a smooth finish because it will help warm up the pigment.


  • Light skin tones – Light pink and silvery highlighters.


  • Medium skin tones – Lighter golden and peach pigments work remarkably well.


  • Dark skin tones – Bronze and golden highlighters compliment your skin tone the best.


I hope that I have successfully answered the question about highlighters, if you need to know more leave a comment below.



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