How to Choose The Best Makeup Course

How to Choose The Best Makeup Course 

A lot of girls call us and ask about makeup courses, but sometimes it is hard to choose which makeup course is the best for you.

When it comes to a decision about which makeup course to choose it is important to know to ask the right questions. So, we decided to give you some tips and guidelines on what to ask and what to pay attention to when you inquire about makeup courses and schools.

What you should pay attention to:

  • Who is the makeup teacher
  • How long does one class of makeup last 
  • What exactly is taught in the makeup course
  • Are any literature or scripts provided
  • Is there anything else you get with the make-up course
  • Do you get a certificate

Let’s see why all this is important.

Choose the best makeup course – Who Is the Makeup Teacher

If it is not entirely clear to you who the makeup teacher is, be sure to ask. Is it a person who has experience in holding education? Because a good makeup artist does not necessarily have to be a good teacher. This is especially important if you want to enroll in a course at a make-up school named after a famous make-up artist. It happens that he is not the teacher, but his students. 

How Long Does One Class of Make-Up Last

Sometimes the lecture lasts 45 minutes, and sometimes an hour. Sometimes even 3 hours… There are also online makeup courses where you can see the lesson schedule in advance and learn at your own pace. 

Choose The Best Makeup Course – How Long Does the Professional Make-up Course Last

Makeup schools really vary in duration. Sometimes they last several months, but the classes are once a week, and sometimes they last shorter, but the classes are more frequent during the week. It is up to you to decide which intensity of teaching suits you best.

What Exactly is Taught in the Makeup Course

In the sea of ​​different courses, it is important to know what kind of make-up course you need. This, of course, depends on your initial level of knowledge. Whether it is a basic course, an advanced one, or something specific like a bridal makeup course, you yourself will decide best.

How to Choose The Best Makeup Course 
How to Choose The Best Makeup Course

Choose The Best Makeup Course – Are Any Literature or Scripts Provided

As always when you’re starting out, you’ll get a lot of information that you can’t remember. That’s why before you choose a course or makeup educator, check if you also get scripts. This is not mandatory for a make-up school to have, but a script can always help a lot when you are practicing at home.

Is There Anything Else You Get with the Make-up Course

This shouldn’t be your primary concern when choosing a professional makeup course. This is just a bonus you get. What should be most important to you is the knowledge you will get on that course, as well as being sure of the right choice of your makeup educator.

Do You Get a Certificate

Every school gives a certificate, and that’s great. But a certificate without hard working practice means nothing.

Every make-up course is a form of informal education and what is valued in this business is how you make-up. Your work is what will represent you to your clients. The diploma is there to help you so that your clients have an insight that someone actually trained you for this job, and it is up to you to perfect and shape that knowledge through practice and work. Over time, you will build your own makeup style by which you will be recognizable.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to choose the best makeup school. With the right research, and so long as you know which criteria to look for, we guarantee you’ll find the course that best suits your needs!


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