How to Contour: Pro Tips

We’ve got to thank Kim Kardashian for the comeback of contoured jawlines and chiseled cheekbones. Ever since she brought it back in 2011, we’ve been trying to figure it out with our bronzers in hand. Maybe it sounds difficult but trusts us: once when you have mastered contouring you will no longer want to leave the house with just mascara and foundation. 

Now is a time for you to learn how to contour your face like a pro!

1. Choose the right product

In terms of which products to use, consider your skin type and age.

For example, if you have oily skin, a cream-based contour routine is probably not the best option for you. Instead, try using powders to “carve” out your face and give it definition. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, powder may accentuate this.

  • Powder Contour: This style is great for beginners because it’s easily buildable. Powder contour is applied using a contour brush (angled brush). The finish is almost always matte, making it ideal for oil-prone skin. The look is more natural than with cream contour and it’s an excellent choice for everyday makeup. Also, our opinion is that it’s a better choice for mature skin because we avoid pulling the color into the wrinkles. Favorite products: Hoola Matte Bronzer
  • Cream Contour: Cream contour isn’t as blendable as powder, but the color is more pigmented and super vivid. Because it’s thicker, you’ll need to diffuse however much you apply using a makeup sponge. We choose it for looks that involve more intense makeup, such as stage makeup. Favorite products: Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick and Match Stix Glow Skinstick

2. How to Contour

The first step is skincare, as always. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, remember. After that, you can put a small amount of foundation or bb cream to even out your skin tone. And you are ready to start to contour.

Before beginning your highlighting and contouring, you must first determine your face shape.  Faces can be oval, round, heart-shaped, oblong, diamond-shaped, or square.  To determine your face shape,  pull all of your hair back tightly and examine your face in the mirror, looking for the picture below.

Face shape
Photo by

The key is to enhance the features you already have (or minimize the ones you want to diminish) and create a natural finish. You’ll want to follow your natural bone structure. Begin by contouring the sides of the forehead in a triangular shape with a darker color. Use the shape of your face to inform the shape and placement of your contour.  For example, if you have a square face, you’ll want to contour larger, deeper triangles on your forehead to give more of a thin oval shape to your face. Don’t forget the jawline and nose!

Pro tip 1: If you use a contour skin stick, draw a line from the upper part of your ear to the angles of your lips.

Pro tip 2: The best way for nose contouring is to put your index finger on the top of it and contour sides.

Now is time for a highlighter. A highlight always follows the contour and vice versa. Start with a highlight a forehead, bellow the brow, tip of your nose, cupid’s bow, under your eyes and cheekbones.

How to contour

The most important part of highlighting and contouring is to blend.  Use a cosmetic sponge or a brush (depends of structure of bronzer) and blend in a circular, stippling motion until the harsh lines have been blended away and you have a beautifully sculpted and defined face.

To deepen this look, finish by using a bronzer brush and going over the face with pressed powder or translucent powder. If you like blush, put a small amount of it.

Pro tip: if makeup creases into fine lines and wrinkles under the eye, use this trick: remove excess with outside to inside motion. 

If you need help with your makeup, or you just need professional makeup feel free to contact us.





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