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Makeup Trends in 2021

This year was quite challenging. When most of us were feeling scared and exhausted, makeup wasn’t on the list of priorities in 2020. But things changed. We learned to live with pandemics and to wear masks everywhere…

Although this year has made it difficult to have something to look forward to, for the most part, we can still work with our new norm to create better days for 2021. 

What could possibly make your day better? Good makeup of course! Even though you wear a mask wherever you go. Even though you are at home most of the time. You still can have makeup. Most of us feel better whit makeup, right?

Let’s see, what are makeup trends in 2021?

“Natural” faces commanded the catwalks this season, with subtly perfected skin and relaxed eyeshadow (if any at all). “The makeup trend for spring 2021 is going to shift to effortless makeup,” explains YSL Beauty National Makeup Artist, Nour Agha.

NAtural look
Natural look
  •  Clean and dewy skin with a well-placed glow. To get the beautiful, glowing skin you need to start by repairing the skin barrier. Look for a product designed to repair the skin barrier and rescue dry, red, or sensitive skin with soothing and hydrating ingredients.
  • Touch of pink – A little bit of pink tones on your eyelids and cheekbones is a quick and effective way to your skin look younger and better.
  •  Grunge makeup look – There are a couple of possible variations when it comes to creating this look but overall you want to focus on a smudged liner, blended shadows, and a thick wing. The beauty of a black smoky eye is it doesn’t need to be perfect—especially if you want to give off grunge vibes!
  •  Frame your eyes with black eyeliner like Peter Philips, creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup did. “I wanted to focus on the eyes and emphasize them powerfully by framing them with very dense, matte black liner.”
  •  Smokey eye in brown, gold, and nude tones. It’s not too intense like black smokey and because of that, it is a better solution for most occasions. 
  • smokey brown

 Wearing face masks to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 is the new normal, and makeup trends have changed to accommodate it. Some people are just putting makeup on the top halves of their faces, while others are focusing strictly on eye makeup — and some are saying goodbye to makeup altogether. Choose a makeup trend in 2021 that best suits you, and remember – “a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”.

PS. If you feel ready to upgrade your makeup skills, I am here!

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