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Makeup Trends Spring 2021

Winter is finally over, and the sun is here again (or it will be soon). Last year has been anything but ordinary, and we all deserve more fun in life. So, when you ask for spring 2021 makeup trends, our advice is to have as much fun as you can!

Makeup Trends – Blue Smokey Eyes

When we speak about smokey eyes, most of us think about classic black or grey shades. But, the color blue is really versatile and you can find shade for every skin tone and eye color. Combine this look with lipstick or lipgloss in neutral shades.

Blue smokey eyes
Blue smokey eyes, photo by Pinterest

Bright Lip Colors

There are days when we just need a bright, bold lip color to boost our mood. Even we are wearing masks in public, we still have zoom meetings, right? Or family lunches. When choosing the right bright lipstick for your skin tone, you want to make sure the shade’s undertone matches your skin’s undertone. In other words, cool colors look good with a cool skin undertone and the opposite.

There is no mistake with classic red lips, but you can try something different. For example, if your skin has cooler undertones, vibrant coral shade will help you glow. For bolder ones, you can try bright orange shade. For warmer and olive-toned beauties, warmer pinks look amazing.

Makeup Trends Spring 2021
Bright lipsticks

Makeup Trends – Get Your Glow On

A highlighter is a magical tool to achieve a fresh-dewy-young looking skin. When it comes to highlighting there is one rule we makeup artists follow: Find the high points of your face (the tip of your nose, your cupid’s bow etc.) then put a bit of highlighter there. If you want a really glowy look, put a pump of liquid highlighter in with your foundation.

Makeup Trends Spring 2021
Glowy skin, photo by Pinterest

Gold Glitter Lids

We love gold! Gold has long been honored as the color of wealth, royalty, and luxury. Golden eyeshadow looks you can wear all year round and the best thing is that it brightens up your entire face in a secondContour the crease with a warmer, deeper brown shade to add shape and definitions, and highlight the lids with gold shadow. It is very simple but so effective.

Glittery gold eyeshadow
Glittery gold eyeshadow, photo by Pinterest

Try these trends and tag us on our Instagram profile, we would like to see you there!

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